WordPress Overview

WordPress is the most popular blogging and website creation system on the internet. However, learning how to use WordPress can be so time consuming and frustrating to most beginners. Fortunately, you can quickly learn WordPress by referring to the illustrated tutorials. For folks who prefer learning by watching video tutorials, a video training is also included with each tutorial. In this post, let’s have a general overview about WordPress. Watch the video below. Now, imagine what you’re able to do when you learn how to use:
  • Build your business website without hiring an expensive designer.
  • Maintain and update your website without a hiring a professional webmaster.
  • Quickly build websites to support your marketing campaigns and product launches.
  • Enhance your resume with high-demand WordPress skills.
  • Start your own online business.
  • and many more..

Parts of a Typical WordPress Blog

typical wordpress blog   Want to see the actual blog above? Click here.  

Examples of WordPress Powered Sites and Blogs

WordPress Powered Blogs WordPress Powered Websites (without the look and smell of a typical blog) WordPress Powered News Sites WordPress Powered Business Sites WordPress Powered eCommerce Sites