Register at A-Z Hubs

1. Click here to get your own site. 2. Enter your username and email address, enter Captcha code then click “Next”.

3. Enter your desired “Site Domain“ and “Site Title”.

Your site domain should be different from your username. It could be “technology” if you intend to blog about laptops, cellphones, etc. It could be “health” if you want to talk about health related subjects. It all depends on your own whims. You site url will appear as and You site title could be “Technology News” or “Health and Beauty tips”. 4. Click “Sign Up” button and you will be redirected to a confirmation page stating that your new site is almost ready. 5. Check your email and click the link given to activate your account.

6. After clicking activate you will be redirected to a page stating that your account is now active. Your login name as well as the system generated password is provided in there.

7.  Click the login link (see arrow on above image). Ignore any error at the log in page. The error is something like, “Updating SEO configuration options in database “. Just ignore this. 8. Once logged in, it is important to change your password immediately. Refer to this post about, How to Change Password in WordPress.   NOTE: The registration and log-in link on A-Z Hubs homepage as well as this page is purposely hidden to avoid “Sploggers” (people creating spam blogs) from automatically creating spam accounts and blogs (they use robots). We only intend to provide a blog space for special people like you who wants to learn WordPress while at the same time having a hands-on experience. Besides, we are paying for webhost and other website maintenance costs so we don’t want web spammers come stealing our resources. So every time you login to your account you have to type the /wp-admin at the end of your url as discussed here: How to Login