Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes are, of course, not free and it costs some money. Premium themes are often developed and coded by professional web designers with the specific aim of catering to a market who is willing to pay more for a better product. These theme often comes with advanced features, better functionality and additional services. With that said, let’s take a look at top five reasons why you should buy a premium theme.

1. Quality

Premium themes have been designed and coded by professionals so you can expect a product that is of superior quality to free themes. Many of the WordPress themes available for free download have been hacked together by amateurs often with poor code, efficiency, and compatibility. When using premium themes, you can expect something more unique. This will help your site stand out from the crowd. Premium themes are far more likely designed with current web standards in mind. For example, you can expect a theme that is responsive design. Just be sure to buy a premium theme from a reputable source to be sure you’re getting a product of high quality.

2. Functionality

Premium WordPress themes often include a far greater array of functionality and features than free themes. Many of these functions will make it easy for users who don’t know a thing about knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML to set otherwise difficult functions which include automatic thumbnail resizing, inserting advertising code, changing colors, or completely changing the layout. Some of the premium theme providers package their products with intuitive user interfaces, that allow you to make changes in site design and formatting at the click of a button.

3. Security

It is a known fact that a huge proportion of available free themes are packaged with malicious code. Please read this article which exposes the risks of installing free themes on your site. As mentioned in this post, downloading free themes from’s theme directory is the safest however it often presents you with some other limitations.

4. Updates

Premium WordPress theme designers are continually getting feedback and suggestions on their themes from end users prompting them to fix the bugs and include additional features. They then tagged the newly fixed theme as newer version and release it to the customers in the form of updates. Unlike the authors of free themes, premium theme developers are often in the business for the long term. That’s why it is in their best interest to make sure that they produce quality products, listen to feedback, fix bugs, implement new features and ensure the theme works properly with new WordPress updates. If they don’t do this, it would result in irreparable damage to their reputation. So when you purchase a premium theme, you can be confident that it will stand the test of time.

5. Support

Getting support for the product you pay for is one of the reason you should buy a premium theme. In fact, top theme shops such as WooThemes offer stellar support that are practically worth the cost of the theme alone. Good premium WordPress themes should include support from the developer. You can avail support usually in the form of a support forum, through email or a ticket support system where you can get help in fixing problems or making minor modifications to your theme.

Recommended Premium Themes

So with all the advantages of using premium themes laid out in this article here are three recommended companies where you can buy your own premium wp theme. 1. WooThemes 2. StudioPress 3. Elegant Themes