How to Install WordPress Manually Using cPanel Uploader

Installing WordPress using cPanel uploader seems complicated at first but you’ll soon get used to it once you got the hang of managing your own webhost. I prefer using this method over using Fantastico De Luxe because it gives me full control over the database info creation. Don’t forget to write your database details on a notepad because you will be using it on Part 4 of this tutorial.

Part 1. Create A MySQL Database

Important: Make sure to create a MySQL database for this WordPress installation. All WordPress sites require database to store data and settings. There’s a tutorial on how to create MySQL database here.

Part 2. Upload WordPress files.

1. First, download WordPress software at and save it to your PC. Download either of the .zip file or .tar.gz file. 2. Login to your webhost/cPanel account. 3. Find the Files box are then click on “File Manager” icon. file manager 4. A new tab/window called “File Manager” will open. filemanager 5. In this tutorial, we’re going to install WordPress on an Add on Domain (additional domain). If you’re on a fresh webhost just upload WordPress on the right panel. Read notes about Main Domain and Add on Domain below. 6. Click “public_html” tree. public_html I always use the directory tree on right side of the file manager area to navigate between directories and sub directories. 7. If there are two or more domains, select the corresponding directory of the “domain” where you want to upload the installation files. movisfebe In this case, I’m using the domain so it follows that our directory should be something like moviesfb. 8. On the right side of your File manager, you should now see an empty moviesfb directory. Upload your installation files here. filesupd 9. To upload files, click on the upload icon found on the menu items (see image above). A new tab/window called cPanel uploader will open. cpaneluploader 10. Click “Browse” and select the WordPress installation files from your computer. 11. You should be able to navigate to the directory in your computer where you downloaded the blog installation files. In this case, my installation file is located on Drive D, under Maintained sites and WordPress River folder. fileonpc 12. Highlight (select) the file then simply click Open button. openmenot 13. Uploading in progress. uploadinprogress 14. Upload completed. uploadone 15. Now, go back to the File Manager area to check if the WordPress file is indeed uploaded to the right directory. Click the moviesfb tree to refresh the content on right panel. uploadedna Alright, it’s there. Let’s now extract the zipped file and move extracted contents to the root directory of our domain.

Part 3. Extracting and moving files.

1. Highlight the file then click “Extract” icon. Simply click “Extract files” on the pop up window that appears. Please login to continue reading.