Why Learn WordPress

WordPress is actually very easy to learn. With a couple serious days or weeks of study, you can literally go from a complete beginner to an intermediate WordPress designer. In fact, you can learn as much or as little as you want and still be an expert on your own. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a coder or a web programmer to be able to create a professional looking website. With the right resources, you can set up a “website” without having to learn what is “HTML”, “CSS” and “PHP”. And if you’re a fast learner with good technical aptitude, you can quickly set up a beautifully designed WordPress based website and impress your friends. 😉

Different Ways to Use WordPress

Now, you should learn WordPress if you want to:
  • blog about your life and share your thoughts to the world,
  • establish your online presence especially for local artists (writers, painters, photographers, etc), hobbyists and small business owners
  • build a website for your company or organization and extend your brand online,
  • promote products or services on the internet,
  • earn extra income online,
  • find jobs online,
  • start an online business and make a living through the internet.
Let me explain briefly the above list.

Blog about your life and share your thoughts to the world

If you’re the type of person who simply wants to talk about certain happenings in your life and want to share it to the world, then having your own web space or self-hosted WordPress blog is the best way to go. Instead of posting your juicy ideas and thoughts on Facebook and other social network sites, it is best to have your own web space to post to. You should only use Facebook and Twitter to promote your posts and drive visitors to your blog/site. Yes, there are lots of free blogging sites such as Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, etc. But the downside of these sites offering free blogs is that they have tons of limitations. One of it is that the stuff you post in there has limited monetization options. Down the road, when you gain lots of loyal readers as well as regular search engine traffic, you can monetize your content by accepting adverts or promoting relevant products. Why let Facebook and those free blogging sites make money off your content?

Establish your online presence

Local artists, professionals, and hobbyists such as musicians, painters, photographers, fashion designers, and writers can set up a website where they can publish their work or art pieces for online exhibitions. Who knows, someone may take notice of your work and give you that big break you ever dreamed of. For example if you are a photographer and want to show samples of your shots on the internet, you can easily set up a professional looking gallery website using WordPress.

Build a website for your company or organization

If you are serious at promoting your local business or services on the internet, you can easily create a professional website for your own business. Why pay thousands of money for a simple website when you know you can make one for yourself? Creating a corporate website using WordPress (without the blog look) is now a lot easier than before. The trick here is to look for ready-made Wodrpess themes that are specifically designed for corporate websites.

Promote products or services on the internet

It’s common to see lot of folks promoting products on Facebook using “Online Shop” pages and profiles. It’s also common to see people posting ads about their products and service on free advertising websites such as sulit.com.ph and usfreeads.com. While the above mentioned ads sites are good way of promoting your products/services online, you can make the most out of your marketing efforts by setting up your own website where you can explain further the benefits and features of what you are offering. You can also easily track the performance of your ad campaigns with a website you have control. You can also use this website as landing page where you can gather the contact details and other important information from your prospective customers/clients. In fact, this is how most professional internet marketers do.

Earn extra income online

Alright. Who wouldn’t want to earn extra income? You might have heard of people making thousands of dollars from blogging. While it is true that there are people who actually are earning those kind of shocking income like smartpassiveincome.com and ericstips.com, most people (who are simply trying and just want fast money) will, in many cases, don’t make any dime. Some are making just a few dollars with adsense. Now, I don’t want to strengthen your growing hope in making money online with hypes and craps. Making serious money from blogging is a serious business. It’s not some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. There’s a lot of process involved just like when you want to start a real business offline.

Find jobs online

If you are a web programmer, a developer, or a designer trying to find work online then a WordPress skill is one of the valuable additions to your credentials. A good WordPress skill is also one of the most sought requirements by many webmasters and bloggers looking for virtual assistants. For ordinary folks likes us, we could find easy online jobs such as blog poster, image uploader, WordPress theme customizer, and assistant webmaster. As long you as you know how to use WordPress, you are eligible for these kinds of gigs. To have an idea of what I’m talking here, visit popular freelance websites such as Odesk. Create your account in that freelance site and try browsing the “Find Work” section.

Start an online business and make a living online

Many ingenious folks are enjoying a good business out of WordPress. Some are making a good living by selling WordPress Themes, promoting WordPress Plugins, and marketing WordPress related training and courses. On the other side, there are thousands of people making a living online by making use of WordPress powered blogs to market their own products or promote other people’s products (affiliate marketing). In fact, the core of one of our business site is providing ready made niche sites for affiliate marketers. Of course, these folks have one skill that you too could learn and that is: Internet marketing Now, this is a rather advanced topic. There are hundreds of interesting topics to be discussed here. Basically, internet marketing is the business of promoting your products/services or other people’s products for the purpose of generating serious income. Thousands of people around the world are actually generating a more than decent income doing internet marketing. Soon, you will be viewing internet marketing videos here at WordPress River.