Install WordPress Using Fantastico De Luxe

The could be the easiest way to install WordPress is through Fantastico De Luxe software which comes pre-installed with cPanel based webhosts. However, I personally prefer installing it manually as it gives me more control over some security issues. For the meantime, as you are still starting to learn WordPress, you will have to use Fantastico De Luxe for easy and quick installation. 1. Login to your webhost’s cPanel (control panel) and look for Fantastico De Luxe.

2. Click that smiling Fantastico De Luxe icon. 3. Look for WordPress link in the right side menu. Click it.

4. Click on “New Installation”.

5. Select the domain name you want to install WordPress.

6. Fill in important fields as indicated by red arrows on above image. 7. Click the “Install WordPress” (see above image) button then click “Finish installation” (see below image). finishing 8. That’s it. Congratulations you’ve got a new website! wpfanstalled You can now login to your WordPress dashboard and update it to it’s latest version. Some Thoughts One common drawback with using this method is that the WordPress version is often outdated. For example, while the current version is 3.6.1 (at the time I’m editing this tutorial) the version offered by Fantastico is still at 3.3.1. Well, you can update version through the WordPress dashboard after installation so no big deal anyway. Another drawback is that Fantastico automatically creates the database name, database username, and database password for you. The issue here is that the automatically created database info are often very easy to guess and may be prone to hack attacks (see image above with blue arrow). A database name with a username of josh159_wrdp1 are too easy to guess. You’ll be learning more about WordPress security on our advanced tutorials.