Build Your First WordPress Website

Start your online money making journey by creating your first WordPress Website. Below is a list of step by step tutorials to help you install and manage WordPress.

Part 1. Domain and Webhost Set up

Skip this if you already have your own domain and webhost.

Step 1. Register a Domain Name
Step 2. Sign Up for a Webhost
Step 3. Point Domain to Webhost

Part 2. Step by Step WordPress Installation

You have 4 options here:

Option 1. Install WordPress Using Fantastico De Luxe
Option 2. Install WordPress Manually Through cPanel
Option 3. Install WordPress Manually Using FTP
Option 4. Install WordPress Using a Backup File

Part 3. WordPress Settings and Configuration

Step 1. Login to WordPress Dashboard
Step 2. Dashboard Overview
Step 3. Cleanup Sample Post and Page

Step 4. Settings

Step 5. Choose a WordPress Theme

Option 1. Free WordPress Themes
Option 2. Premium WordPress Themes

Step 6. Configure Widgets

Step 7. Install and Configure Important Plugins

Step 8. Create Important Pages

  1. About
  2. Contact

Step 9. Start Posting

Part 4. WordPress Administration and Management

Video Tutorials: