How to Create Contact Page

Let’s create a contact page for your website so that your readers and prospective customers/clients can easily contact you. 1. Hover your mouse over “Pages” menu then on the drop down menu that pops up click on “Add New”.

  2. Write your contact page title. It could be “Contact”, “Contact Us”, “Contact Me” or whatever you prefer.

  3. On the writing/editing area enter the shortcode provided by your contact form plugin. I used the Fast Secure Contact Form so my shortcode is as shown on the image below.

  4. Click “Publish” button. That’s it. You now have a live contact page with a professional looking contact form. See live example here.   NOTE: If you’re wondering how to install and configure FS Contact form read the following tuts:   For A-Z hubs members, the FS Contact Form plugin already comes pre-installed on your site. You just have to configure it to suit your needs.  

How to Get Your Contact Form Shortcode

1. Point your mouse over the “Plugins” link on the main navigation menu. On the drop down that pops up, click “FS Contact Form Options” link.

  2. On the Fast Secure Contact Form Options page, find this one:

  3. Copy the code and paste it on your contact page.