Configure Pre-installed Plugins

We have to deviate from the normal Worpdress Installation checklist by configuring the plugins first before diving into the Settings configuration. I know those warning message boxes are annoying to look at.


Configure Akismet Plugin

1. Click on “enter your Akismet API key” link. You will be redirected to this page:

2. Check the box next to “Auto-delete spam…” and enter the Akismet API Key which was sent to your email when you first registered at A-Z Hubs. 3. Click on “Update Options” button and you’re done with Akismet configuration.


Configure All in One SEO Pack Plugin

This plugin is very helpful in optimizing your blog for search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important in helping your blog easy to be found by web surfers who use search machines such as Google and Yahoo. 1. Click on “the admin page” link.

  2. On the “All in One SEO Plugin Options” page, scroll down until you see this area.

  3. Now, fill up important areas such as “Home Title”, “Home Description”, and “Home Keywords” as illustrated above. Your home title and home description is used by search engines when displaying your sites info on their search listings. You can use your home description as sales window to entice prospective customers to click on your url and visit your blog. Be very brief with your description though. Home keywords may not be that important but for SEO purposes it’s a good practice to include at least five keywords in there. 4. Don’t forget to enable the plugin by checking the “Enabled” beside Plugin Status. For the “Post Title Format” and the “Page Title Format”, delete the | %blog_title% leaving only the %post_title%  shortcode. (See red arrows on the image above) 5. Scroll down and click the “Update Options” button to save your All in One SEO Plugin  configuration. That’s it.  

Fast Secure Contact Form

This plugin is useful when you want to include a contact form your website so that prospected customers or clients can contact you. 1. Click on the “Dismiss” link.

  2. On the “Fast Secure Contact Form Options” scroll down till you see this.

  3. Assign a name for the Form1 label. For example “main contact form” or “primary contact form”. With this plugin, you can actually create as many contact forms as you want. But for me I only need one. 😉 4. Scroll down again till you see the Akismet form and check as shown below.

  4. That setting would be enough but if you want to make your contact form a little wider (the default seems so small to me), you can scroll down till the “Style: (form 1)” area. On the Input Textarea Field change Cols to 45 and Rows to 15. See image below.

  5. Click “Update Options” button to save your changes. That’s it. Your form number 1 is now ready to use.