How to Add a New Post in WordPress

In this tutorial let’s learn how to add a new post or article in WordPress. From the Dashboard area there two ways to enter the post creation area, the first one is through Posts => Add New tab through the “Main Navigation Menu” and second is through the New => Post through “Admin Bar”. two ways to post

Let’s create a new post.

1. Move your mouse over “Posts” in the left hand side (as shown on figure 1 above). 2. Click “Add new”. You will be redirected to the “Add New Post” area. 3. Enter your post title. Note that after writing your post title, WordPress will automatically create a link called “permalink” (the website url of your post). You can edit the url if you wish.

wordpress url

4. Write your content. Start writing (or copy paste) your article using the Visual mode. If you know how to use HTML you can toggle to HTML mode to edit the codes if necessary. To better understand this feature, watch the videos below this post.

5. Format your post. You can bold and italicize any word that you want to emphasize.  You can make bulleted items. If you are familiar with rich text editors such as Microsoft Word, then you should be familiar with how to format your articles using WordPress Visual editor.

6. Choose or create a category for your post. If you already have a pre-existing category, simply check the box next to it. Why categories are important? Read it here (opens in new window). For this example, since we are posting to a new blog, we should create a new category. Click “+Add New Category” in the category box which is found on the upper right side. Write appropriate category name for your post then click “Add New Category” button. For example if your topic is about “How to Post a Post in WordPress” then your category should be “WordPress Tutorials” or “WordPress Lessons”.

Uncheck the default and any other unrelated category.

7. Create tags for your post.  Tags are also important especially in terms of SEO. Read more about the importance of tags here. Type your tags in the “Tags box” then click the “Add” button (the tag box is located in the right side). 8. Add image to your post. You may add an image/picture to spice up your post. How to add image? Read this post on how to add image. 9. Publish your post. You can now publish your article and make it viewable to the internet. On the publish box which is found on the right side, press “Publish” button.


Videos on How to Create and Format New Post

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